Why Morocco …?

That is the first question that can come up to a reasonable curious mind. And why that? Because Morocco stands for every emotional, cultural, spiritual, mind-blowing experience; and you shall remember well the moment when you decide to come to Morocco… Because in that exact moment, you handle your soul to be treated by the nicest, humblest people, and give your imagination the chance to be inspired by the wild diversity of colors, smells and tastes.

Therefore, a day in the North will show you how Seas and Mountains can dance in a perfect harmony; and how the blue can be the warmest color. Life in the North is ruled by women. They grow and reap, cook and clean, buy and sell, shepherd and knit… That’s why every single detail in the North is perfect. But if night life is what you are all about, you can call Marrakech home. It’s the warm heart of Morocco, where every day is a special day with its own festival. You cannot say « I’m bored » in Marrakech, because even when you want to have a real Moroccan meal, you will have to find a way out from Jamaa el Fna square mazes…

It is another trip in a whole different world… It is where every traditional treasure is hidden: how can you forget about Fez, the pearl of the Arab world? Where royal wiseness and luxury is a life style since 808 with the fascinating Andalusian architecture; and the elegant hosting traditions… It is also known by its Qaraouin mosque; the oldest center of learning in the Western world.